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--My autistic son has been in one form of therapy or another since he was 5 years old, so when I told him we were going to start something new he was less than thrilled. From the moment we arrived at North Country RIDE and he saw other kids on the horses he had a smile on his face. To my surprise he was not afraid… he was excited and wanted to participate! Therapeutic riding has been a wonderful addition to his therapy plan. He always wants to know when he is going back.
"Mom to a wonderful kid" - Duluth, MN

--"I think NCR is a very valuable program.  The folks I work with and bring to NCR have progressed greatly.  Their range of motion has increased as well as their balance, memory, and verbal skills.  I enjoy going to NCR, seeing the smiles and wonderful relationship all the staff have really makes me proud to be involved with such an organization."  -- From a North Country RIDE staff person who works with special needs adults

--"My son has really enjoyed riding horses at North Country RIDE.  It has made him a lot stronger and helped his balance and strength.  He has been riding for two years now and will continue, it is really a great program for kids with disabilities." -- From a mother of a young rider

--"NCR has helped me so much.  Riding horses is calming and relaxing.  Being around the horses is great.  I can't wait to go riding, or volunteer.  Even when I'm volunteering I benefit from the horses--they help me with behavior issues and calm me a lot." -- From a rider AND a volunteer

--"I work with all ages--I love that.  I love the atmosphere and all the people at NCR.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to help others and wants to be around horses."  -- From a rider AND a volunteer


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